Hot Oil Massage

The Heat Relaxes Your Muscles

At Ardee Massage Centre, we have a skilled set of therapists who understand the basic requirements of people and accordingly decide which therapy should be given for the purpose. The purpose, however, varies from person to person. There are people who come to us to get rid of the chronic pain that they have been suffering from whereas some people visit us to get their stiff muscles treated while we have some set of clients who just want to take a break and have a spa session to relax. Whatever the need may be, our hot oil massage is one of our special services for more effective results.

Fit For All Your Body Parts

Normal oil massage is, of course, commonly used for clients but the benefits of hot oil make it more preferred. The heat that is released from the massage oil helps in dealing with and treating various kinds of health issues, especially muscle stiffness. The hot oil massage is fit for whichever body part you want us to deal with. Our experts mix hot oil massage with the Chinese therapy techniques and ensure offering the best results by treating your issues irrespective of their nature.

Makes You Feel Calmer

With warm oil treatment, you get relaxed to the utmost possible extent as using the heated oil makes gliding over your body easier for the therapists. It relaxes muscle tension and thereby enables you to calm down. Besides the Chinese style of massage, our therapists also apply Thai massage technique for applying deep rhythmic movements with firm pressure along the body’s energy lines, thereby making the whole process even more effective.

Above all, you will observe a huge improvement in the working of your circulatory system after you undergo this massage therapy. With our special hot oil back massage, you will have an opportunity to feel rejuvenated for a fresh start the next day. If you want to try us once, we are just a call away for you to connect.